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4/09/2015 It was fun while it lasted

After 2 years of blood, sweat and tears, we finally have to admit defeat and announce that the Red Line Expedition has been called off. Here’s what went wrong.


2/07/2015 Paris, NY, Milan, here we come!

We’re proud to announce that our new range of Red Line Expedition clothing is now available in our Facebook Store! We figured that if we were going to ride around the world we could at least try and look a bit stylish!


1/07/2015 Gear Spotlight Series Videos

As part of the build-up to the Red Line Expedition we wanted to somehow introduce our fans to the bikes and to the equipment we will be taking along with us on the trip. What started as an idea for a blog post ended up as a series of 26 videos – here’s how it happened…


18/05/2015 Interview Series Videos

This weekend we received 10 new videos from Troyeah films. We thought we were getting some outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage of us cocking around between takes – it turned out to be much, much better than we could possibly have hoped for.


13/05/2015 Branding the Bikes

This morning we were up early to get the bikes on the trailer and drive up to Vienna. A few weeks ago we called a bunch of different companies in the area trying to find someone who could print stickers and vinyl graphics for the bikes. After much frustration we eventually googled ‘car graphics Vienna’ and drove to the first company that came up. What a stroke of luck!


About the RED Line expedition

The Red Line Expedition is a multi-year round-the-world motorcycle expedition starting from Vienna, Austria in May 2015. We are planning to ride our two identical BMW G650GS motorcycles on a two-part route featuring a prologue in Europe from May to December 2015 and then the main expedition riding east from Vienna in February 2016.

We are planning to travel through southern Europe, central Asia, Mongolia and Russia en route to Japan, our first major service stop. From Japan we will travel by sea to South-East Asia riding from Hanoi to Singapore, where we will again leave by ship, this time for Australia. After a loop of Australia starting in Darwin, we will cross the Pacific from Sydney heading to Panama.

From there we’re heading South to Cape Horn, and then back North along the East Coast to Central America. The second last leg will be from Mexico, across most of the US and Canada ending up in New York where we will cross the Atlantic to Gareth’s home country of South Africa.

A relatively short last leg around Southern Africa will see us ending in Cape Town sometime in 2018! We are looking forward to sharing our story and our adventures over the next few years, and our goal is to make the Red Line Expedition the world’s most connected motorcycle expedition, capable of bringing more of the adventure to more people as it happens.

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